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Popular Location Options

Trying to decide on the perfect location for your upcoming photoshoot? Here's a list of some of the more popular locations I offer. 

Of course, you can always blaze your own trail and find a hidden location that's uniquely yours!

Yemin Moshe

A quaint, residential gem lined with that unique Jerusalem stone. Its narrow alleys yield beautiful intimacy in photographs while the various gardens and trees sprinkled around keep the energy bright and alive.

David's Village

This hot spot surrounded by modern Jerusalem Stone provides a wonderful backdrop that is both grand and symmetrical. As well as architectural scenery, this location is decorated with greenery and florals from its residents' well-manicured gardens.

The Old City

Hands down, one of Jerusalem's most iconic spots, The Old City offers a unique backdrop that's truly like no other. Here you'll be enveloped in its narrow alleyways and magnificent arches. There is no better option for anyone looking to capture their family amidst Israel's most famous landmarks.

Sanhedrin Park

A popular choice amongst the locals, this park is centrally located and familiar to children. Its' pine trees offer muted and soft tones,  while the large boulders throughout the park add texture. It is well-shaded which makes it a great location for hot, sunny days. 

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